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Chris Henderson jchendo at gmail.com
Wed May 2 03:43:54 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> > Lets get specific here, i want 4 tuners (Aust tv stations dont play nice
> > so
> > i have to put a 14min wrapper on each show to make sure i get it) that
> > gives
> > me two options (well only one really as the shuttle only has one PCI
> slot,
> > but bare with me)
> I have 4 PCI digital tuners (2xtwinhan, 2xleadtek) and have no problems
> recording 4 shows (sdtv) at once.  So I guess that if you had two dual
> digital tuners (both running over the pci bus) you should have no
> problems.

Hi Patrick,
thanks for the reply.

It seems that we can run 4 PCI cards with no problems under SD. As i really
dont intend on recording HD much that is not a problem.

Now i just have to find out if the USB tuners are the same. As Brian pointed
out the Math works out but i would like to see if somebody has actually done

The XPC (older shuttle) has one PCI & one AGP so i guess i could combine
both, 1 dual digital tuner & 2X USB tuners and get the same result.

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