[mythtv-users] Ubuntu Edgy -> Feisty upgrade report

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue May 1 12:14:52 UTC 2007

David Campbell wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
>> Bill Williamson wrote:
>>> On 5/1/07, David Campbell <dave at cpfc.org> wrote:
>>>> Bill Williamson wrote:
>>>>> On 5/1/07, Jon Boehm <jbpub at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> This actually went much better than I thought it would.  Here are some tips.
>>>>> My upgrade had one, and only one, issue:
>>>>> 2.6.20 has a bug where the cx88 DVB drivers don't load by default.  A
>>>>> simple addition to the modprobe.conf fixed that.
>>>> I haven't upgraded yet because I had various problems with upgrades on
>>>> other systems.  The fact that all IDE disk devices are now /dev/sd[a-z]
>>>> rather than /dev/hd[a-z] for example.
>>> Where did you hear that?  It didn't do that to either of my boxes.
>> I don't use (K)Ubuntu but I agree with David, this *can't* be correct,
>> every Linux user on the planet would be aware of such a drastic change
>> in basic system operation. I can't conceive of a reason to make such a
>> change, and I can think of several reasons that it would be a bad idea.
> Here is one example thread of many
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=405630

OK, so I'm wrong - again.

Honestly I still think that the old days, when we had one kernel tree
for us poor schmucks who had to keep systems running and another for
Linus and the boys to dink around with were better.

A "bad" change IMHO is one that, sooner or later, is going to cut into
my limited supply of time, without any perceptible advantage to me.

Of course I recall being unhappy when IDE seemed headed for a
well-deserved grave as we all moved to SCSI, then somebody came up with
"enhanced" IDE and the rest is unhappy history.

Once again the (mostly American) system designers choose the worse
technology in favor of saving a few pennies. It happened with F/W vs.
USB, and for that matter VHS vs. Beta.


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