[mythtv-users] TV out for unlisted card?

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sat Mar 31 04:40:10 UTC 2007

On Saturday 31 March 2007 00:02, Angus wrote:
>     I've looked at some 5200s, and it seems to get a fanless PCI
> combination new I'd have to spring for 100$. I don't usually get
> something off eBay unless its cost is a very small fraction of the new
> one. I'll go that route if I have to, but if anyone can swear by a
> cheaper solution, I'd really appreciate it. Again my needs are:
> 1. fanless
> 2. PCI
> 3. compatibility with 800MHz Celeron

I don't recall if you've said what country you're in; that's a critically 
important detail when buying a product! ;-) If you're in the US, a quick 
search at Newegg turns up the following for $59.99:


I can't "swear by" that card, since I've never used it, but it seems to have 
what you want.

Rod Smith

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