[mythtv-users] splitting and grounding coax?

ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 22:37:21 UTC 2007

On 3/30/07, Shane Hickey <shane at howsyournetwork.com> wrote:
> So, Now that I'm getting a PVR-500 to go with my PVR-350, I'm thinking
> about how to get the coax cable to each tuner without hosing my
> signal.  What's the best way (or best product) to do this?
> Also, in my old setup, I split the cable and ran one into my PVR-350 and
> one into my TV.  Then I ran the svideo out from the PVR-350 to my TV on
> video 2.  So, if the box was recording a show and my son _had_ to watch
> curious george, we could set the TV to normal TV (instead of video 2) to
> watch it.  When I originally cabled it this way, it worked fine, but when I
> added an external USB hard drive to the setup, I got crazy hum out of my
> stereo receiver.  I'm sure I created a ground loop somehow.  So, I'm
> wondering what people use to eliminate that problem?  In my new setup, there
> won't be any external drives, but I just want to split the incoming cable
> feed in the cleanest and most efficient way possible and I figure that this
> cat has been skinned by people in the list already.
> Thanks,
> Shane

If you are splitting a good cable feed a high quality passive splitter
should be fine.  You can get one for an acceptable price you at home depot.
One splitter with the correct number of outputs is much better then several
splitters daisy chained together.  Put terminators for any unused cable
jacks in your house.

If your cable feed to excessively weak you will have to use an amplifier.  I
split my cable signal six ways with passive splitters with no quality

Ryan Patterson
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