[mythtv-users] MB fried - suggestions to replace or upgrade?

Shane Hickey shane at howsyournetwork.com
Fri Mar 30 17:11:07 UTC 2007

David Murphy <dm1000 at gmail.com> [2007-03-26 19:06]:
> As I actually built a frontend system around this case I thought I
> would follow up w/ some tips on your hardware selection.

I appreciate it.  I'm going to follow your advice on fans and processor.

So, now that I'm waiting for the parts to arrive, I have plenty of time to obsess about what's going to be the most painful.  So, I was wondering if any other abit nf-m2 users would want to let me peak at their xorg.conf and .config for kernel?  I'm going to be running Gentoo.  So, I think I'll just use the mythtv and ivtv that's in portage.  Anything to watch out for?



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