[mythtv-users] Loading image during the boot process

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 14:07:38 UTC 2007

I've been using bootsplash for a while on my debian sid systems. No problem. The patch could even work on kernel 2.6.21-rcX although it did not apply very cleanly.
You need not be afraid of recompiling your kernel. Just pick up the default config that came with your linux-image (usually installed in /boot) , cp it to your new linux source into .config  (don't forget the dot .) and run 'make oldconfig' in the top directory of you linux source. You won't get a deb kernel (for that you would use 'make-kpkg') but it does not really matter.

One comment though : if you using other init systems than the venerable sysv-init (I tried initng and also runit to increase the speed of the boot process), the progress bar won't be really "progressing", i.e. it won't work. But in my opinion, it does not matter as soon as you get a fast boot process. This is just eye-candy to my mind. You can remove the progress bar display anyway by tweaking the bootsplash config files. Besides, one can easily modify the early init scripts (whatever init system used) to use fbmngplay (comes with bootsplash) and have nice little anims on the framebuffer as you boot. I tried it and it works fine as well. Don't try too big anims, they will slow down the booting ... 


Ben Lancaster <lists at benlancaster.co.uk> wrote: Jon wrote:
> I grabbed usplash from ubuntu's edgy repository.  The one in the debian
> repos is a bit old on is limited in colors and size IIRC.  Debians init
> scripts already have support for usplash.  Only thing missing is debians
> hibernate scripts do not support it.
Bootsplash.org looks good, although I haven't tried it (and they take a 
while to catch up on kernel releases too IIRC)
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