[mythtv-users] Screen saver starting whle using Myth

Tom Weichmann tomcw at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 30 03:15:48 UTC 2007


I am having a problem with my screen saver starting while using MythTV.  This 
does not happen if I am watching video, but if I am just sitting on a menu 
for a while, KDE starts up the screensaver and pressing buttons on my remote 
does not work.

I am still using my regular desktop and just have wires run from my PC to the 
TV (they happen to be on opposite sides of the same wall).  I start myth with 
the following script to view it on my TV:


nvtv -r 800,600 -s small -C SVIDEO -t -S NTSC

mythfrontend -nw --geometry 800x600

nvtv -r 1024,768 -s small -m -S NTSC

So it switched to tv out, runs myth, then when I kill myth it turns off TV out 
and resets my resolution on the PC.  If anyone knows a command I could add 
here to stop the screen saver from starting that would be perfect.


Tom Weichmann

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