[mythtv-users] More random MythTV thoughts

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu Mar 29 11:27:56 UTC 2007

A wireless keyboard may not be required for MythTV but I'm glad I have
one every time I use it . . . The day Turner Classic Movies goes HD is
the day my life is complete . . . Reading AVSForum's HD-recording
boards is guaranteed to cause any MythTV user to burst out laughing
. . . MythTV bucks the stereotype that open-source software
intrinsically has to look ugly . . . Bob + 1080p =
Better-than-settop-box visuals . . . People who don't make sure
identical channels have identical callsigns are really missing out.

Becki Newton is the best part of _Ugly Betty_ . . . Few things in life
are as dismaying as coming home looking forward to a recording, only
to find that mythbackend's crashed . . . Thank goodness 0.20-fixes has
pretty much taken care of the last stability issues in this regard
. . . The best _Star Trek_ TOS episodes are really, really, really
good . . . mythfrontend still needs more work so corrupt recordings
can't ever crash it . . . A 500MB-sized mythconverg database is a
sign. Of what, I haven't decided yet . . . Custom Record rules are the
bee's knees.

0.20's Internal player is than using mplayer in every practical way
for MythTV users . . . Tell me again why MythWeather is *still*
broken? Just asking . . . Does anyone actually *use* MythPhone?
. . . Let us all give thanks every day and twice on Sundays for
DataDirect . . . _Bullitt_'s car chase is great, but _The French
Connection_'s is even better . . . Even if 'ssh -X' is easy, I'd still
love to see a curses interface to mythtv-setup . . . Or better yet,
get rid of it entirely and make all the options accessible through

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