[mythtv-users] MPEG4 transcode - lost subtitles and additional audio tracks

Joan VallÚs joan.valles at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 07:48:03 UTC 2007

> Audio track wise its probably converting to whatever you told your
> transcoder to convert the audio to (MP3 perhaps?).  There is no option in
> mythtv to allow audio pass through and only transcode the video.  If you
> want that you'll have to setup a userjob and do external transcoding where
> you configure exactly what conversions should happen.

Yes audio is converted to MP3, but that's not the problem, I'd like to know
if there is a way to tell the transcoder to convert all the audio tracks and
not only the first one.

At this point I think I should ask first if MPEG-4 allows more than one
audio stream and also, if mythtv can switch between them...


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