[mythtv-users] All live tv recordings show length as 1 second

John Andrunas john at andrunas.net
Thu Mar 29 05:12:48 UTC 2007

Guess I should also point out I have separate BE/FE's and all my FE's are
displaying this, so my suspicion is it is related to the backend in some odd

On 3/28/07, John Andrunas <john at andrunas.net> wrote:
> I rarely watch live tv, but I notices tonight while my wife was watching
> tv, that it always showed the length as 1 second.  If I go over to the
> recorded program the lengths are correct, but watching it live will always
> report that it is at position 1second of 1second even if I pause.  Rewind
> and FFD, and pause all work fine, it is just that the position bar is
> incorrect.  Anyone seen this before?
> --
> John

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