[mythtv-users] recording stops occasionaly

Damien Whyte damien.whyte at thalesatm.com
Thu Mar 29 03:28:30 UTC 2007

Henrik Beckman wrote:
> It seems like the recording stopped about 20 minutes into the
> recording, myth still thought it was recording but only one file was
> updating and the number of minutes recording where stuck. Logs reveal
> nothing suspicious.
Hello Henrik,

 I had a problem with the similar symptoms a little while ago, i.e.
recordings on a certain tuner stopping earlier than expected without
anything really suspicious noticeable in the logs. However this was
happening only on the tuner in my slave backend, and as your problem
description doesn't mention anything similar I guess my problem was
different to yours. I thought I'd bring it up just in case.

 The problem was caused by the NTP service on my slave backend being
stopped (or crashing) causing the slaves clock to drift ahead of my
master backend's NTP synced clock. What's seems strange to me is that
recordings on the slave backend's tuner would start on time (as if the
master was scheduling the start time) but finish early (at the time when
the slaves fast running clock reached the programme's scheduled finish
time). This of course led to recording's being cut off early.

Anyway best of luck with your problem.


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