[mythtv-users] Power up the system with the remote control

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Wed Mar 28 23:35:21 UTC 2007

Jon wrote:
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>> Hi.
>> Is there a way to power up the system with the remote?
> Probably, but depends on the hardware.  For instance: I have a usb remote.
> My bios has wake on usb. My usb bus is powered by standby voltage.  I can
> see the reciever is getting the signal from the remote.  Still no power on.
I would guess that the USB receiver is still dumb - all the processing 
is done by the CPU.  The receiver would have to have intelligence.

The only thing I can think of would be to build a receiver with a PIC in 
it that would monitor the signal.  When it got a Power On it would 
tickle the USB bus in whatever way it needs tickling, or perhaps use a 
WOL header or something....

But the key is that it would have to have enough intelligence to decode 
the remote, and pick out only the Power On signal.  Otherwise every 
stray IR signal would turn your PC on.


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