[mythtv-users] Custom Recording File Path/Name Format

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Mar 28 23:05:23 UTC 2007

On 03/28/2007 06:49 PM, Justin wrote:
> I do sometimes view the recordings external to Mythtv.
> I also put recordings into their own folders because I like to have my
> files organized. Like I put both recordings and DVD rips of The Red
> Green Show in a folder of the show name.
> Using symlinks may work except that when I do something like transcode
> a show it will put the new file in folder of links and delete the
> original link.
> I do rename based on episode title and episode start time using
> mythrename.pl and put them in their own folders with Storage Groups as
> this is most compatible with Mythtv so far.
> It would be if I could just do this in Mythtv without these
> workarounds as they have the following problems:
> 1. Sometimes the Job Queue is busy with transcoding and flagging jobs
> so it takes a while for my script to run.
> 2. I have to create a Storage Group for each show I want it's own
> folder and change it's recording rule to use it.
> 3.  Having a group for each show may cause some performance problems
> as Storage Groups weren't designed for this usage to my knowledge.

You still haven't answered why you feel you need to modify Myth's 
files.  Let Myth store the files however it likes.  Create links /to/ 
those files (not in place of those files).  Then, don't use the files 
directly, use the links anytime you want to use a recording from outside 


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