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Brian D. Frost bfrost at brainboy.com
Wed Mar 28 21:57:24 UTC 2007

so mediaportal works as a frontend (uPNP)? How does it work? 

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ryan patterson wrote: 
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> I have lurked for a while and googled even longer but havent found a 
> good windows frontend for windows. I have used winmyth and 
> mythtvplayer but they arent quite the frontend that I am looking for 
> (for my wife). 
> Any thoughts on using mythdora or knoppmyth in a vmware appliance or 
> using an opensource uPNP frontend (Mediaportal type thing)? 
> Until I convert my wife to linux, any one have any personal 
> experience with this? I am running .20... 
> Just for fun I installed knoppmyth on a virtual machine. Playback of 
> standard definition mpeg-2 recordings was unacceptably choppy. It maxed 
> out both CPU's of my 3Ghz Pentium D. A fast core 2 duo/quad processor 
> might give you enough power for smooth playback. But any HDTV playback 
> would be impossible I think. The problem is the virtual machine can't 
> use any hardware GPU acceleration. 
> What frontend features are you missing? mythtvplayer and mythweb pretty 
> much cover all the bases I think. 
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> Ryan Patterson 

If you're looking for a 10ft front end there aren't any for windows 
besides mediaportal and the proprietary ones. Problem is then you don't 
get auto commericial skipping. I think a while back some people tried it 
through cygwin, and there are a bunch of problems with compiling. I 
tried once and didn't get very far. You're probably better off dual 
booting. I just stuck in a dedicated box, which freed the PC up for 
gaming anyway. 
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