[mythtv-users] reprise: improve frontend usability: working with a slick remote

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Mar 28 16:20:59 UTC 2007

> come se fosse antani wrote:
>> I don't know if the way myth use to accept input is easy to change
>> simply with a different OSD theme. ..
>> there is any developer that can confirm such statement?
> It's not just a matter of changing an OSD theme to make it do the things
> you want to do. You would also have to make some rather major changes to
> the way tv_play.cpp handles the input from the remote so that the
> command you want to transmit to myth are recognized by the OSD menu.
> I personally would not be interested in such a change, since as Bert Von
> Kets pointed out you are increasing the depth of the command menu so
> that every time you want to enter a command you are traversing a menu

While I certainly wouldn't want this to be the default interface it
would be useful if all available commands were available on the
OSD menu. This would enable (relatively) easy access to commands
not mapped to the remote (even a 30 button one).

Perhaps even a "virtual" remote accessable just by navigation keys
(or mouseclicks) could be useful. It could even be transparent as to
not completely obscure the picture.

...just a thought for anyone intent on hacking/slashing tv_play.cpp


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