[mythtv-users] Get MythVideo to ignore recorded shows

William Pettersson enigma at strudel-hound.com
Wed Mar 28 12:56:48 UTC 2007

Carl Fongheiser wrote:
> On 3/28/07, *William Pettersson* <enigma at strudel-hound.com 
> <mailto:enigma at strudel-hound.com>> wrote:
>     So, I've (possibly mistakenly) stored recorded tv shows at
>     /storage/video
>     I also store my regular video files under there, so MythVideo indexes
>     the recorded shows when doing its indexing thing
>     Is there any way to get MythVideo to ignore these files, or do I just
>     have to store the recorded shows somewhere else?
> You have a choice.  You can move your files, or you can use 
> myth.rebuilddatabase.pl <http://myth.rebuilddatabase.pl> to add your 
> non-MythTV video files to the database.  In the latter case, the videos 
> would show up in your "Recorded Programs" screen, rather than in MythVideo.
> Carl Fongheiser

This might just be me, but it seems that myth.rebuilddatabase.pl is 
meant to fix up the Recorded TV Shows, rather than the MythVideo table.


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