[mythtv-users] Apple TV hacked to use other codecs

Aleksandr Milewski n6mod at milewski.org
Wed Mar 28 01:20:05 UTC 2007

Craig Partin wrote:

> The two questions now are:
> 1. Can it run the OSX version of mythfrontend?

To me, the more interesting question is:

Can a 1GHz Dothan with a GeForce Go 7300 play back HD? (In MPEG2, 
perhaps?) It appears to be a fairly standard EFI PC, just like a Mac.

I'm thinking an Ubuntu FE, not an OSX FE.

> 2.  Are the video drivers good enought to allow a 1Gig processor to playback HD.

Right, but don't constrain your answer to OSX video drivers. :)

As to 'fixes' to make this harder, I don't think Apple cares. This isn't 
loss-leader hardware like a PS3 or XBOX.


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