[mythtv-users] Start FE from SSH

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at alstadheim.priv.no
Tue Mar 27 21:49:42 UTC 2007

Mitch Gore wrote:
> Hi,
> Every once in a blue moon the front end will crash, its very annoying
> in itself but the worst part is that I take my keyboard and mouse off
> my PC and connect it to the HTPC, just to restart the frontend. 
> It would be so much easier if i could just ssh into the box and start
> the frontend.
> How would i do this?
This is not difficult. I run mythtv in a regular X session ,which will
run as display :0, user-name "tv", server-name "medisin". Transcript

    mylaptop$ ssh tv at medisin
    0:tv at medisin ~ $ export DISPLAY=:0
    0:tv at medisin ~ $ nohup mythfrontend&
    [1] 9282

way cooler is doing this
        mylaptop$ ssh -Y tv at medisin
        0:tv at medisin ~ $ x2x -to :0 -north

Now you just move your mouse north (out the top of your laptop), and you
can launch mythtv by clicking on a menu or whatever you have available
on your tv. Keyboard also works.

Håkon Alstadheim 
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