[mythtv-users] XvMC not working - Nvidia

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Tue Mar 27 14:17:21 UTC 2007

Damian Surr napsal(a):
> Yan Seiner wrote:
>> Damian Surr napsal(a):
>>> You may well be thinking along the right lines. Is there anything else 
>>> that could be causing this?
>> OK, so kill [gxk]dm and start a twm session (emergency, recovery, 
>> whatever your distro calls it).
> I'm afraid that makes no sense to me. I'll try to figure it out. I 
> thought I was starting to get my head around Linux commands, but [gxh]dm 
> and twm mean nothing to me. I'll try and get to where you were heading 
> though. I assume it's like 'safe mode' in windows.
Sorry.  There are three popular login managers commonly used:


The square brackets are a shorthand way of saying 'pick any one of the 
letters inside'.

Shorthand is a bitch.  :-)

You're absolutely right, though - twm is a very basic window manager, 
with absolutely minimal functions.  It is included with X as a way to 
test X functionality; I don't really know anyone who uses it except in 
special circumstances.

>> You should get a black and white mottled background and a single xterm.  
>> Run glxgears and see what it says.
> Right, I will do when I get there.
>> That should eliminate the effects of all the cruft that has become so 
>> fashionable among the desktops these days.
>> Have you emailed nvidia on this?  Their support is actually pretty good 
>> and they respond pretty well.
> I posted on nvnews forum. Can you email them directly? Do you have a 
> link or email address?
> Thanks for not abandoning me Yan :-)
Go back in the archives about 18 months and read the woes I put up with 
to get Myth working.  Now it's working and my kids can't understand why 
they can't pause grandma's TV.  (Try to explain to a 6 year old the 
difference between a computer and a TV, and 'live' v. 'Myth'....  When 
they've never had a real TV, they have always grown up with Myth, or my 
earlier curses based movie player. That strains the mind.)


I also had a heck of a problem when I first went to nVidia cards - 
lockups, black screens, all sorts of stuff.  Eventually it all 
stabilized and now Myth is wonderful.


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