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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 12:07:52 UTC 2007

On 27/03/07, R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:

> I lost your response...but not meaning to be argumentative, my setup
> needs those three modprobe lines. The lirc _i2c module may be all that
> is needed for a PVR150, but the Imon definitely needs all three.

I've checked the LIRC source, and can only see lirc_dev being a
required module for lirc_imon.

However, if you are not using the iMon remote and instead use the
PVR's IR receiver, you will need to load the lirc_i2c, but as a
separate and unrelated module with regards lirc_imon. Users of both
the iMon remote and VFD should still only need lirc_imon (which should
preload lirc_dev automatically).

LCD and LIRC devices require differnet kernel major/minor numbers to
operate correctly, and this is taken care of via the lirc_imon module,
which provides support for both.

> When all this is working as it should, it all starts from service
> scripts in init.d, but that seems to be a dream more than a reality. I
> still need to do things in rc.local to get cx8800 unloaded and cx88_dvb
> loaded. But I do not have any lirc stuff there.

Have you added the cx8800 to the module blacklist? This *should* stop
it from being autoloaded, if it is not required. You can then add the
cx88_dvb/lirc modprobes to a script in /etc/sysconfig/modules/ which
should get automatically executed before the lircd/mythbackend scripts
during the init process.

In my experience, there is a great deal of variation (or
misinformation) between distros regarding module auto-loading at boot
time. I've been hit by it, and employ a simple solution that works for
Fedora and *works for me*, but this may not work for all distros.

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