[mythtv-users] MythTV and Plextor PX-TV402U and the inability to change channels

Harald Kubota hkubota at gmx.net
Tue Mar 27 08:02:32 UTC 2007

Dale E. Martin wrote:
> It sounds like you've got the wrong frequency tables loaded.  You can pick
> them in mythsetup.  Have you experimented with that?


the frequency tables (japan-broadcast) were correct. But because the 
channels for each program are not supplied in the program data and 
scanning does not work at all (mythtv-setup shows nothing to scan on), 
mythtv had no channels
to tune to. Once I set those manually, everything is fine.

I expected mythtv to find them somehow...

Now the next problem is displaying all those japanese characters...gotta 
wonder who nowadays for a program useable in non-western countries still 
would use anything but UTF8...


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