[mythtv-users] Random MythTV thoughts

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Mar 27 04:43:31 UTC 2007

(With apologies to Larry King.)

Without LIRC and PVR-xxx posts mythtv-users wouldn't be half as busy
as it is now . . . 'Find One Instance' just by itself is MythTV's true
"killer app" . . . HDTV programs take up ginormous disk space
. . . _How I Met Your Mother_ is the best sitcom around . . . _30
Rock_ is right behind . . . Other themes may be flashier, but Retro's
still the most-elegant in my eyes . . . People who misspell "lose" as
"loose" should be required to wear in public signs reading "I am
Illiterate" . . . Same goes for those who don't know how to
unsubscribe from the list . . . Don't even get me started about top

Whoever first conceived the notion of a client/server architecture for
MythTV deserves the Nobel Prize in Thinking Ahead . . . Life is not
complete without HDNet Movies . . . XvMC is usually more trouble than
it's worth . . . A surprising number of issues can be simply solved by
being a man and ponying up a few dollars for a slightly-faster CPU/
motherboard . . . Commflagging/ commercial skipping gives the user the
sense that he has jumped five or ten years into the future . . . Jarod
Wilson and Robert Kulagowski deserve the Medal of Honor for their
documentation work.

Why do some MPEG2-MPEG4 transcodes look *horrible* when most look
really good? Just asking . . . Few things in life are better than
eating chicken wings while watching a college-football game in HD
. . . If the MX series of remotes is designed for giants, the Harmony
series is designed for midgets . . . _Ben-Hur_'s chariot scene is
ridonkulously amazing no matter how many times you've seen it
. . . _The Simpsons_ is America's single-greatest cultural
contribution of the 20th century . . . The first company to introduce
a PCI CableCARD-slot card is going to make a fortune . . . I still
miss _The OC_.

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