[mythtv-users] rebuttal from the linuxmce video guy

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Mon Mar 26 20:50:48 UTC 2007

On 26 Mar 2007 at 21:28, Steven Ellis wrote:

> The look and the direction are really exciting. Occasionally you need to
> look at UI in a different way and this definitely does it. Can't wait to
> see how well it works on our hardware, plus provide any associated
> patches/fixes back to the community.
> Steve


I fiddled with WindowsXP and a handful of 3rd party programs before I 
moved on to MythTV. In fact I still have that old XP box connected to my 
projector, and it has an early GyroMouse. We still use it for liveTV and just 
playing DVDs because it's just so easy. I turn it on and start the apps with 
the GyroMouse and I never have to take my eyes off the screen. I can do it 
all comfortably with the GyroMouse in complete total room darkness.

OK, it's only a couple of icons on the desktop... not even any menues to 
navigate... But the point is my eyes never leave the screen, I don't have to 
turn on the lights, and I don't wish I had a remote with lighted buttons.

Now then, the UI in MythTV is pretty darned good, but for me there are 2 
glaring shortcommings:

1. I have to take my eyes off the screen to work the remote.
2. I can't see the remote in the dark.

Personally, I find using any remote tedious. I have to turn the room lights on 
to see the remote and take my eyes off the screen to find the buttons, and 
because I'm very nearsighted I have to remove my glasses to even see the 
bloody thing and it's tiny labeling. Then after punching up whatever it was I 
needed the remote for (and looking back and forth between the screen and 
the remote to do it), I put my glasses back on and get up from my nice confy 
lounge chair to kill the lights.

Of course I'm exagerating a little to make a point, but what a bother!

Way back in my beginning MythTV days, oh... about 0.12, or 0.13... I tried to 
raise this issue. Basically I was rebuffed. "We like remotes, and we have no 
intention of including mouse support" and "If you think you need a mouse, 
then you are missing the point of MythTV" were the comments, so I continue 
to stumble along with a remote on my MythTV systems. I've played with a 
dozen or more different models, and once even considered buying one of 
the outrageously-priced ones with LCD screen, but in the final analysis it's 
still a remote and a remote is not what I want.

I always intended "someday" to write a mouse-only UI and conribute it to the 
community (yeah, like I have any free time right now) in case anyone else 
shares my views on remotes. Looks like now I might not have to.

I'm not sure that the LinuxMCE interface is ideal either, but it addresses my 
two biggest complaints. Maybe after I play around with it I'll find some 
limitations that are equally annoying, but so as far as I'm concerned (at least 
until I check it out firsthand) it looks like it might be a step in the right 


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