[mythtv-users] Weird audio bleed-over with analog recordings

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Mon Mar 26 20:35:07 UTC 2007

On Monday 26 March 2007 14:09, Bob Sully wrote:
> Hi all -
> I recently picked up a full-blown brand-new Creative Audigy sound setup
> (main sound card, daughter card and external box).  This replaced an
> Audigy 2ZS card (that wound up going into another box) because of an odd
> echo I was getting when I was watching LiveTV on one of my two pcHDTV 5500
> tuners in analog or S-video.  Unfortunately, that didn't change, but I
> deal with it by using the other tuner for live TV when necessary.  There
> seemed to be no way to get rid of it using the mixer.

Have you tried muting the "Duplicate Front" mixer channel? I ran into this and 
added a brief mention of it to the wiki:


> Not only did the new card not fix the echo problem (which does not show up
> in recordings), but since I installed it,  I am now getting bleed-over of
> audio from the set-top box into analog recordings (along with the
> soundtrack of the recorded show - BOTH get recorded).
> The audio-out from the STB is routed into the audio-in jack on one of the
> two tuner cards; the bleed-over happens randomly with recordings on the
> analog input of either tuner, but not with the QAM channels.  The echo I
> mentioned above occurs while watching live TV on either the analog or
> s-video input of this tuner only - the other one doesn't echo.
> Anyone else seen this before and have a fix??

I may have seen it before, but I don't have a fix. I've got a pcHDTV 3000 card 
that's got some sort of audio bleed-over when recording via its tuner. It's 
possible the audio was intruding from the audio input jacks (connected to a 
DirecTiVo on my system), but I hadn't thought to check that specifically. As 
I no longer use the card for TV recordings I can't check that very easily.

Rod Smith

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