[mythtv-users] How to Stop ACPI RTC Wakeup?

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 26 19:21:20 UTC 2007


I have an Asus mobo.  If I recall correctly, it is an A8N-SLI Premium unit.
As you described, mine, too, has a BIOS dialog for setting the APM alarm and it
has an enable/disable control for it.  However, the ACPI alarm is apparently
separate, so when I set one, I am not setting the other one.  The same thing goes for
the enable/disable control.

The mobo works with the APM alarm.  Fedora Core 6 wants to use ACPI.  I suppose 
I could get a different Linux distro, or override the defaults to use APM instead, but
I perceive that to be a step backwards.

As far as testing out my scheme for recognizing a "magic" time in order to get the 
alarm shut off, I have to confess...The honey-do list and the nice weather conspired 
to keep me from getting much done on the computer.  I did get the modifications into
/etc/init.d/halt done, including figuring out how to test for a regex pattern (so I can 
ignore the year field in the alarm string), but I didn't get a chance to see if my system
DIDN'T wake up at midnight GMT (7pm local time).

Will advise when I find out.

>Antani said:

>On my asus digimatrix, if I remember well, in the BIOS I have an 
>option regarding the automatic power on: there I can set the time for 
>the power up . When I set from linux with /proc/acpi/alarm, I can 
>check the time in the BIOS. So I assume that the two setups 
>(/proc/acpi/alarm and the corresponding menu in the BIOS) are related. 
>I disabled the automatic power on via ACPI for my mythbox, because my 
>digimatrix don't allow me to specify the date but only the time; then 
>the mythbox has to wake up every day on the specified time, even if 
>there is nothing to record. 
>Now I'm using my old notebook (24/7) to wake up the mythbox via 
>WakeOnLan; before the shutdown, the mythbox create on a NFS share (hd 
>partition of the notebook) a file with the desired date and time for 
>the wakeup. on the notebook a cron script runs the daemon "at" in 
>order to check the existence of that file and, if present, to schedule 
>the WOL command to wakeup the mythbox. Works flawlessy! 
Craig Huff
huffcs from yahoo

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