[mythtv-users] IVTV Bitrate & Resolution

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Mon Mar 26 13:30:54 UTC 2007

> However, AIUI, 704x(480|576) is a "cut" resolution--which is supposed to
> have clean edges.  DVD's with video at 704x(480|576) are supposed to be
> played back with less overscan (though I don't know of any specific
> players that actually do so).
> Since the PVR-x50's do /not/ have clean edges on their recordings, my
> recommendation is to stay away from 704x(480|576) unless transcoding
> /and/ cropping.  Otherwise, you may stumble across some player that does
> overscan less and you'll see black frame and/or jaggies and/or rainbow
> edges on the TV.
> Mike

 	Hrm... I wasn't aware that was the purpose of 704x480.  I have yet 
to ever see that implemented that way.  The players I've tried it on you 
could see the video start playing cut, and then after about 0.1sec, 
stretch to full screen.  I thought it had something to do with being 
exactly 2x 352x480, or divisible by 16 or something.  </ignorance>



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