[mythtv-users] Result 11 from mythtranscode

gblawler at incodesystems.com gblawler at incodesystems.com
Mon Mar 26 02:53:24 UTC 2007

I consistently get the error shown in the log below when I try
to "Use CutList" with mytharchive
2007-03-24 22:10:27
2007-03-24 22:10:27 Processing file 1025_20070322190000.mpg of type recording
2007-03-24 22:10:27
2007-03-24 22:10:27 File type is 'mpeg'
2007-03-24 22:10:27 Video codec is 'mpeg2video'
2007-03-24 22:10:27 File has a cut list - running mythtrancode to remove
unwanted segments
2007-03-24 22:14:47 Failed while running mythtranscode to cut commercials
and/or clean up an mpeg2 file.
Result: 11, Command was mythtranscode --mpeg2 --honorcutlist -c 1025 -s
2007-03-22T19:00:00 -o /mnt/store/mytharchive//work/1/tmp
2007-03-24 22:14:47 Failed to run mythtranscode to remove unwanted segments
2007-03-24 22:14:47 File will be re-encoded using profile SP
2007-03-24 22:14:50 Preferred audio languages eng and eng

I have spent a lot of time trying to determine what "Result: 11" indicates
when mythtranscode fails.

Can anyone point me to a list of all result codes returned by mythtranscode?

In addition, if anyone has actually run into this error and solved the
problem, a direct pointer to the solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Glenn Lawler

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