[mythtv-users] I can't connect to mythbackend from remote computer

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Mar 25 23:48:27 UTC 2007

curtlee wrote:
> On 3/24/07, Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 25/03/07, curtlee <curtlee2002 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > 2007-03-24 20:32:44.679 Connecting to backend server: 
>> GeorgeDesktop:6543
>> > (try 1 of 5)
>> > 2007-03-24 20:32:44.680 Connection timed out.
>> >                         You probably should modify the Master Server
>> >                         settings in the setup program and set the
>> >                         proper IP address.
>> On your master server, you need to change its IP address from
>> to its actual IP address in mythtv-setup. The IP address is
>> stored in the database, and the remote frontend will look it up. If
>> it's set to localhost on the master machine, there is no way for the
>> remote frontend to connect to it.
> It's set to the correct ip address. I went step by step through the
> mythtv.org documentation. This is really haunting me. I just don't know 
> what
> to do.

You might check your ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt file. If the first line says:


then your local mysql client is trying to talk to the *local* mysqld 
server... which does not have a mythconverg database....

Been there, done that...rum, neat over ice, does dull the pain of 
banging you head against the wall when you realize your error. I *think* 
this might be mentioned in the docs....

OH...run 'service mysqld stop', *before* launching mythfrontend..you 
will see a different error.


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