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Chris Mcnally mcnallychris at pobox.com
Sun Mar 25 23:32:51 UTC 2007

> Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 07:42:56 -0400
> From: Brian Walter <blwalter at gmail.com>
> Subject: [mythtv-users] LIRC and serial to usb
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> However, the motherboard I'm building this 
> system on does not have an integrated serial port. 
> 1) The motherboard has a connector for a serial port, just needs the 
> port/bracket (not a card).  Has anyone found *just* a bracket for serial 
> ports to be connected to the motherboard?

I had the same issue with my Asus motherboard, no serial port and no TV-Out port, both were 'optional brackets' that can be purchased separately. The Asus store has your missing parts for sale:


You may have to buy the part from Asus instead of elsewhere to ensure that the pinouts are correct. this is probably your best option. Alternatively, you could ask Mike at irblaster.info to make this custom cable for you. It would save you bracket space.

I had to buy the 'optional' TV-out bracket from Asus, and with my 2 capture cards that maxed out the bracket space for me and I had no room for the optional DB9 bracket.

So I make a custom connector for the mainboard plug to the irblaster.info DB9 plug and put it all inside the box.  I was shocked that my hack worked, but it still does, and it was simple. I think it was also risky so buy the bracket from Asus to be safe.

If you decide to do it anyway, you may find your board is set up like mine: 

My Asus MB A8V-MX has the following connector on the board, odd pins on one side, even on the other, the 10th pin was a blank 
|2   4   6   8    b  |
|1   3   5   7    9  |

I opened the irblaster, and it was a DB9 with 2 pins used, 4 and 5. the DB9 pinout is straight across like this, but only 4 and 5 are used. The numbers are actually stamped into the connector if you can read writing that small:

\ 1  2  3   4   5  /
 \  6   7  8  9   /

So I ran a wire into the db9 at hole 4 and used a jumper to connect it to pin 4 on my MB and then again the same with pin 5. 

Good luck!

Chris M

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