[mythtv-users] Has anyone seen a USB DVB-T adapter work with

michael papet mpapet at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 20:17:03 UTC 2007

While not DVB experience, I tried 3 different hauppauge devices and only one


Don't confuse this device with the WinTV USB2  which doesn't work.  Debian
Etch and Knoppmyth finds the device, creates /dev/video0 and /dev/vbi0.  It
even sets up easy in mythtv-setup. But actually watching tv errors out
"can't access /dev/video0.  tvtime works (and looks great btw)  kdetv
doesn't work, same error as mythtv.

Hauppauge's HDTV usb stick doesn't work in the US either.  Supposedly this
does work in DVB mode. There's a link over in the usbpvr2 driver mailing
list archive from this month that will get you to the driver.  The new
driver breaks other usb v4l2 devices though so, for example you can't have a
pvrusb2 device and the hdtv device on the same machine.

You need to build a kernel from source on the machine to build usbpvr2.  The
guy has excellent docs, so it's not too bad if you are okay compiling
kernels.  Nice, low cpu overhead when using this device.  FYI there's no
/dev/vbi0 in the driver yet.

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