[mythtv-users] Problems with imdb.pl

Tamir Alush tamiral at alush.net
Sun Mar 25 15:02:28 UTC 2007

Thanks for the quick response.

David Campbell, your'e right, your solution will do nothing more than
query IMDB 
for my whole database. It won't add the query results to the database

Mike - thanks for the link, I will try that soon and update here.

In regards to my initial problem;

Stroller, the script works find your way, just like with the backslash
option, but it doesn't help me at all,
since I have to get MythTV itself to start searching IMDB titles that

Again, I have no problem fetching IMDB titles manually, using either:
$imdb.pl -M "Running Scared" #(Stroller, good advice with the $... much
more readable), or:
$imdb.pl -M Running\ Scared
but that's not the way MythTV searches for IMDB titles using imdb.pl
I guess I have to change the script's code itself. 

What I can't understand is how come this works for the rest of you...
Has anyone encountered that problem before and fixed it?

Thanks again,

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