[mythtv-users] Just trying to maximize my mythtv setup

Matt Mossholder matt at mossholder.com
Sat Mar 24 23:07:54 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 19:01 -0400, Nathan A. Smith wrote:

> Oh, 
> Forgot one other question....
> Comcast has all it's HD content on channels in the 200 and up range,
> however all the searches for QAM ends at 160.  Am I confused?
> Nasa

	Your are confusing the frequency based channels that standard analog TV
uses with the channel numbers that Comcast assigns to the stations they
send down the wire.

	With QAM, you end up with multiple stations on a single analog channel.
I use Comcast as well, and for my specific Comcast headend, the HD
channels are on analog channels 76,77,80,110 and 111, but the numbers
displayed on the cable box are all in the 200 range, like yours.

	Don't let those numbers confuse you :)  

	Is it possible you have been doing a high channel scan, rather than a
full scan? I know when I do a high scan, I miss the stuff that is on 76
and 77, because the scan starts up higher than that...


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