[mythtv-users] deleting music database

Tom Gutwin tgutwin at webarts.bc.ca
Sat Mar 24 22:27:31 UTC 2007

I had the same problem.

I fixed it by deleting all the entries from the following table:

Delete From music_artists
Delete From music_genres
Delete From music_songs

I did not have any playlists setup so I got away with only those tables

It worked perfectly. The next time I went to MythMusic it rescanned my files with the new


David Campbell wrote:
> matt lutz wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I'm having a bit of a problem with the music database.  I use iTunes to 
>> handle my music collection, and I recently had to re-install.  When that 
>> happened, a new version of iTunes changed some of the filenames around.  
>> In order to update myth, I ran a "scan for new music", and it ended up 
>> showing a bunch of duplicates in there.  I wanted to just start over, so 
>> I changed my music path to /tmp and then re-scanned.  What's strange is 
>> that it won't remove all of the entries... there were still a bunch in 
>> there (but many were deleted).  Then, if I restore to the correct path & 
>> rescan, there are even more duplicates.
>> How do I just start over?  Can I just delete a table in the mythconverg 
>> database?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Deleting the table would be a bad thing if you wanted to use mythmusic 
> again.
> I think you need to truncate the following tables to start afresh
>   music_albums
>   music_artists
>   music_genres
>   music_playlists
>   music_smartplaylist_categories
>   music_smartplaylist_items
>   music_smartplaylists
>   music_songs
>   music_stats
>   musicmetadata
>   musicplaylist
> syntax is
> to delete all the data but retain the table structure
> would also work.
> You might want to wait for someone a bit more knowledgable about the 
> mythmusic before doing this  - your call.
> Dave
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