[mythtv-users] My schedule got deleted on upgrade!

David Kramer david at thekramers.net
Sat Mar 24 19:47:53 UTC 2007

David Kramer wrote:
> Ouch!  I just did a yum update  on my FC6 install, which upgraded Myth 
> to mythtv-backend-0.20-154.fc6.at, and after that all my scheduled 
> recordings went away!!!
> Is this a known problem?
> Which database table are they stored in?
> I would really like to get this fixed in the next couple of hours so I'm 
> set up for tonight.

OK, answering my own post, because I see what happened. And it sucked. 
And I want others to know about it.

My kernel got updated, along with all my mythtv packages.  The ivtv 
packages has the kernel version in it, but when you install a new 
kernel, it doesn't upgrade ivtv.  So when I rebooted, ivtv didn't load, 
and mythbackend must have said "Oh, that card doesn't exist anymore. 
Let me remove all it's programming"!! DOH!!

Is this really a desirable "feature"?  Can't it leave them in but 
disabled or something?

Fortunately, I have a system backup from just 10 days ago, so I only 
needed to restore that and make a few changes.

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