[mythtv-users] MythTV and Plextor PX-TV402U and the inability to change channels

Harald Kubota hkubota at gmx.net
Sat Mar 24 10:35:29 UTC 2007


I am at my witts end and I hope the problem I face is a solved problem 
or at least someone has an idea what else I can try.

My setup:

Gentoo Linux (, PX-TV402U, MythTV (mythtv-0.20_p13053.ebuild, 
I tried slightly oder ones from the 0.20 series too).
Since I'm in Japan, I selected japan-broadcast, and defined manually the 
channels (e.g. 1 forNHK, 3 for their educational channel etc.). Those 
numbers work well with gorecord.

What works:

gorecord works perfectly fine: setting channels, and recording from them 
is a snap.
mythtv shows a picture, but it's not correctly tuned to the first 
channel, however it's viewable.
When looking at the program guide, I also get the same TV picture 
(smaller of course) in the upper right corner.

What does not work:

Changing channels. Recording from any channel except 1, which is
not really useful as the quality is so bad.

The Plextor unit it recognized nicely:

Mar 19 12:58:47 media Linux video capture interface: v1.00
Mar 19 12:58:47 media go7007-usb: probing new GO7007 USB board
Mar 19 12:58:47 media go7007: registering new Plextor PX-TV402U-JP
Mar 19 12:58:47 media wis-saa7115: initializing SAA7115 at address 32 on 
Mar 19 12:58:47 media wis-uda1342: initializing UDA1342 at address 26 on 
Mar 19 12:58:47 media wis-sony-tuner: initializing tuner at address 96 
Mar 19 12:58:47 media wis-sony-tuner: type set to 201 (Sony NTSC_JP 
Mar 19 12:58:47 media usbcore: registered new driver go7007

When trying to change channels I get

Mar 17 17:11:35 media go7007: unsupported ioctl -1069263306

quite often, which is harmless according to 

And those I get whenever I try to change a channel:

Mar 19 21:10:59 media wis-sony-tuner: tuning to frequency 91.2500 (VHF_L)
Mar 19 21:11:34 media wis-sony-tuner: tuning to frequency 205.2500 (VHF_L)
Mar 19 21:12:09 media wis-sony-tuner: tuning to frequency 103.2500 (VHF_L)

I've never seen any other frequency, and I've tried all 10 configured channels.
On the screen it always showed the same badly tuned NHK channel 1.

It seems to me that MythTV cannot change channels, but I don't understand
why and how to fix it.

Anyone with an idea?


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