[mythtv-users] Zoneminder Camera Switching

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Mar 23 22:50:10 UTC 2007

Tom Gutwin wrote:
> Hi,
> Paul, 2 of my 4 cameras end up showing all broken images when viewed in single camera mode
> in MythZM.
> When in MythZM montage view (pressing 'I'nfo a few times ) the images are all good.
> Viewing through ZoneMinder they are fine as well.
> Nothing shows up in the mythbackend log.
> Could it be something with this from my frontend console output.
>   2007-03-22 19:40:30.877 MythZoneMinder: Using Xv for display
>   2007-03-22 19:40:30.878 Found 1 Xv adaptors
>   2007-03-22 19:40:30.878 WARNING: Couldn't find free Xv adaptor with RGB XvImage support
>   2007-03-22 19:40:30.878 Falling back to XImage - slow and ugly rescaling

This is normal. It first tries to use Xv to do the scaling which should 
be quicker because it uses the hardware scaling in the graphics card. If 
your card/driver doesn't support the format we need then it will do 
software scaling and use XImage to display the frames.

> Here are some screenshots
>  Single Camera View - http://aurora1.webarts.bc.ca/static/images/mythZM-Single.png
>  Mutiple Camera View - http://aurora1.webarts.bc.ca/static/images/mythZM-Montage.png
> The image is trying to use the correct one but it is sliced and then at the bottom it has
> merged in.
> ALSO how do I reverse the sort order in the events list so the most recent are at the top?

Press INFO to toggle the order. It will remember your chose and use it 
the next time the event list screen is shown. You need at least r12925 
for this to work - looks like you have r12930 so should be OK.

> My system
> OS - FC6
> AMD Kernel - 2.6.19-1.2911.fc6 #1 SMP  x86_64
> Zoneminder 1.22.3
> Mythtv - SVN Revision: 12832
>          Last Changed Date: 2007-02-20 14:18:47 -0800 (Tue, 20 Feb 2007)
> MythZM plugin SNV Rev: 12930
>               Last Changed Date: 2007-03-04 11:47:28 -0800 (Sun, 04 Mar 2007)
> Here is mythzmserver process: /usr/bin/mythzmserver -d -l /var/log/mythtv/zm.log
> I get the same issue with a remote mythfrontend or a frontend on the backend machine.
> Anything I can do to trace this or debug it?
> Tom

I think I have spotted what the problem is. There is an initialization 
problem when switching monitors that have either different capture 
palettes and/or capture resolutions. If I get time I'll take a look at 
fixing it this weekend.
Paul H.

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