[mythtv-users] Poor quality/performance on mytharchive compared to DVDstyler

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Fri Mar 23 21:21:44 UTC 2007

> It is possible that  DVDstyler is not producing true DVD compatible
> DVDs and instead outuptting the video unchanged at 480x480. These
> 480x480 dvds will work on some dvd players but not on others.

Exactly right. I used DVDStyler to make dvds when I had it set to
720x480 and had good results. A bad mysql upgrade forced me to reset
all my settings, so for awhile it was recording at 480x480. DVDs made
from that resolution were only playable on a laptop and one of my dvd
players. The other ones would show the menu and crap out or would do
other strange things.

My recommendation is to record in MPEG2 at 720x480. it's only 200megs
larger per recording or so. If you want to save more space, transcode
them to mpeg4. It's my understanding that if they are mpeg4, they will
also be able to be put on dvd without re-transcoding.

 - Jeff

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