[mythtv-users] XvMC not working - Nvidia

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 16:05:16 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> Damian Surr wrote:
>>> Save yourself a lot of grief. Install "envy" and let it install the 
>>> latest nvidia drivers for you. You can find envy at this url.
>>> http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html
>> I actually did that (sorry I didn't mention it, I forgot what it was 
>> called). I installed the drivers manually following a guide, but got 
>> nervous that I'd not done it properly because the 3D performance 
>> didn't seem to be what I would expect (Planet Penguin Racer stutters 
>> and I wouldn't expect it to on a 5200 even though I've only got a 1Gig 
>> Athlon processor. Also, the simple 'fade in' of the log in screen in 
>> Ubuntu seems to stutter. I really didn't expect that). I than did the 
>> envy install and all seemed to go well. The 3D performance didn't 
>> change, but I'm fairly confident that the drivers are installed correctly.
>> Damian
> Do you get the nvidia logo flashing on the screen at bootup?
Yes, that's there fine.
> If not check your xorg.conf file for Driver "nvidia" rather than Driver 
> "nv". Also check for Option "NoLogo" and make sure its 0 or false.
I'm using 'nvidia' in xorg.
Maybe I should post my xorg file?
> Does glxgears run and what kind of frame rate does it report?
I just ran it and it came up in a window ok. Not sure how to get 
framerate from it. I'll have to look later. I'm supposed to be working 
today and I've done nothing more than Myth reading and tweaking :-)
> I am running the same version driver as you on a AthlonXP 2200+ and can 
> watch hi-def programming "Live" with just a few stutters and 
> pre-recorded perfectly. You should be able to do SD tv without problems 
> on your 1000.
That's reassuring. I've got a nagging feeling about my 5200 card now do 
to this and 3d seeming worse that I'd expected. I couldn't find any 
benchmark comparison app to test it against though. Maybe glxgears is 
the answer.

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