[mythtv-users] How to: Recover 2GB from /var/log/mysql (Ubuntu, Mysql)

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Fri Mar 23 14:53:58 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff wrote:
> I encountered this problem over last weekend, these logs filled my
> drive and caused some serious headache.
> I discovered this operative in the MySQL my.cnf file,
> expire_logs_days         = 2
> which supposedly removes logs older than the number of days you
> specify, and so far this looks to be working on my machine.
> I also have a cron job that runs nightly,
> #!/bin/sh
> #Dumps the mythconverg database - daily backup
> #Keeps the last 7 days
> DAY=($(date +%u))
> DUMPFILE="mythbe_"$DAY".sql"
> mysqldump -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -c > /MythTV/tv/MYSQL/Backup/$DUMPFILE
> exit 0
> which dumps from my main C drive to my RAID recording drive.

I'd use mysqldump --opt

But then again - I wouldn't use INNODB ever.


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