[mythtv-users] IVTV Bitrate & Resolution

Tristan McCann tristan at aquaagua.net
Fri Mar 23 11:23:21 UTC 2007


I am using a PVR500 on a Samsung 27inch tube TV that does progressive
scan. I am using component out from my video card, and bob
deinterlacing. The screen resolution is HD480p, which is 640x480.

After many months, I finally found a very nice resolution and bitrate.
The resolution is 720x480, but the bitrate is 12000Mbps. I find that
bitrate pretty high, but the difference between 3500 VBR, 7000 VBR and
12000 CBR (which is what it is now) is very noticeable.

If I try to reduce the resolution to 640x480 or 352x480 or 480x480, it
does more than reduce the resolution in a digital way. It actually makes
the recording look "snowy", like there are cable reception problems. If
I record at those lower resolutions, it is imperative that I use
denoise3d as an output filter, which really softens the picture. At
720x480, I do not need that filter.

I just thought I would share the issues I have been having. My current
high bitrate and resolution really do give a stunning picture for
standard definition television. I am using the latest -fixes (which
solved a lot of skipping in the recording) and ivtv drivers 0.10.1.


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