[mythtv-users] Overloaded system?

Larry Sanderson larry.sanderson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 18:30:41 UTC 2007

I am currently running with a single, relatively powerful system that is both 
a FE and BE, but I would like to migrate the tuner cards and hard-drives to a 
dedicated back end.  

I have enough spare parts laying around to build a back end system, but I'm 
wondering if I'm expecting a bit much out of the aging hardware.

The mobo is a VIA-KT266A chipset with an Athlon XP-1700+ cpu.  It will hold 2 
HD5500 cards for OTA ATSC, and a single PVR-500 for analog cable (I'm 
crossing my fingers regarding the reception issues on the pvr-500).  In 
addition, I've got an SATA controller card (currently driving 2 HDs, but will 
likely add more drives in the future) and a GB-ethernet card, which will fill 
all 5 of the available PCI slots.

My question: has anyone loaded up a similar system, and can the PCI bus handle 
4 recordings sent to a PCI controller card, with a FE playing back another 
stream off the same controller?

I wasn't really worried until I stumbled on this link:

I will try this out this weeken regardless, but I was curious what others have 


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