[mythtv-users] Poor quality/performance on mytharchive compared to DVDstyler

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Mar 22 18:26:09 UTC 2007

Robin Gilks wrote:
>> I reset those and will try this again (realizing that 720x480 will give me
>> larger file sizes without appreciable improvement in visuals). But my
>> original
>> question still stands: what is DVDstyler doing with 480x480 MPEG2s quickly
>> and
>> cleanly that Mytharchive is doing ineptly?
>> If DVDstyler is a frontend to the same set of command-line linux DVD
>> mastering
>> utilities that Mytharchive is using, why is DVDstyler capable of handling
>> this
>> task quickly and correctly and MythArchive is not?
>> Hm?
> If you take a look at the mythburn.py script you will find a function that
> will help you decide what resolution to record at to remain DVD compliant
> when burning.
> This function is: isResolutionOkayForDVD
> Use your favourite editor to have a look at that and the magic numbers in
> it (its only 4 lines, you can't miss it) will give you all the clues
> you'll need.
> As for DVDstyler, I guess it produces non-compliant DVDs...
> And remember, its the bit rate that determines the filesize, not the
> resolution. I recommend the info at:
>    http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/tutorial/bitrate.html

The list of valid resolutions is also on the wiki page :-

Paul H.

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