[mythtv-users] New to building computers and MythTV

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Mar 22 16:05:02 UTC 2007

Jon Sustar wrote:
> Okay, so I plan on sticking with one frontend/backend system.
> Does anybody have any suggestions on good cases that are smaller and can
> have 3+ HDDs?  It would be nice if they also looked like a media center, 
> but
> it doesn't have to.  Some of the previous suggestions look nice, although
> some are a bit pricey.  I'm looking for one that is $100 or less.

This may already have been mentioned, but Silverstone make some great 
cases. Slightly more expensive than other stuff, but very well made.. 
and well engineered.
Moreover, Silverstone sell models with an included IR receiver, VFD 
display, and a remote which works with the receiver. Cost me $100 
Canadian above the base case and well worth the money.

I have the Silverstone LC11M. it has a very quiet power supply and fits 
perfectly under the audio tuner/amp...Same size, same black styling.

You HAVE thought about how you will control the little beasty???



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