[mythtv-users] HowTo map HDHomeRun scanned channels to Zap2it listing source?

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 22 17:00:59 UTC 2007

Byron Poland wrote:
> Here's generally what I did....
> do a channel scan, but don't pull in the channels from zap2it ie run
> mythfilldatabase.
> go through the channels in live tv, and used the channel editor "E"
> and in put the channel number and Call Sign exactly as zap2it has it.
> Then when you finish that, you can run mythfilldatabase.  Even after
> doing this I think I had to do a little clean up with the channel
> editor in mythweb.
I am not quite sure I understand. You want me to take digital channel 
200 (for example purposes) and map the hi def channel info to be the 
same. That part I understand. What is to keep myth from attempting to 
tune the digital cable box to 200 instead of the hd tuner?

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