[mythtv-users] HowTo map HDHomeRun scanned channels to Zap2it listing source?

Robert Kulagowski bob at smalltime.com
Thu Mar 22 14:26:41 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> I just added a HDHomeRun to my system and need some advice on how to map 
> the scanned channels into my digital cable zap2it listing.
> Right now I have 3 lineups. Basic Cable, Digital Cable and OTA. I added 
> the OTA just as an experiment to associate with the HDHR. I get a match 
> up with several of the local stations but no matches for things like 
> DiscoveryHD. What I would like to do is remove the OTA listing and 
> somehow map/add the scanned channels to the digital cable listing. I 
> enabled the HD channels I know I get in zap2it's page so listing info is 
> available. Is there a good howto out there? Suggestions?

Leave the lineup type as OTA - if you say that the lineup is digital 
cable then MythTV will think it can record lots of stuff that it really 
can't.  What I've done is to use the channel editor.

Go to Watch TV.  Change cards using "Y" until you know that you're using 
the HDHR.

Once you've tuned in a channel, press CTRL-E to bring up the channel 
editor.  What you want to do is to have MythTV think that this channel 
is identical to one of your other channels (either in the digital or 
basic cable lineup), so change the channel name and callsign (and 
channel number if you don't want to enter a 7.2 for example)

Pretty sure that bjm is going to chime in at this point and point you at 
chapter 12 of the HOWTO.

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