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I figure I am SOL, but I wanted to make sure....


I have the following MB, MSI K9N Platinum Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570
Ultra MCP ATX AMD Motherboard -- which has firewire built-in.  I have a
pvr-500 and pchdtv5500 cards installed.  My service is provided by
Comcast.  I am paying for Digital cable with a HDTV box.  Which has
channels from 1 - 200+.


What works:


my pvr-500 works great -- I have it getting basic cable 1 - 78.


What doesn't:


pchdtv5500 -- I have scanned for channels using QAM-64 and QAM-256;
QAM-64 didn't have any channels and every channel on QAM-256 was
encrypted (the scan covered from 1 - 160?).


firewire -- At no time have I been able to get any show broadcast over
firewire, I can however change channels with no problems  :}   Trying
firewire by following the wiki's located here:





have only returned "failed" from both P2P and Broadcast.



My questons:


1.  Does anyone have any experience with the firewire ports off of my

     -- I'm low on pci ports so I don't think I have a spot to add a
firewire card.

2.  How do I scan for channels above the default (using QAM-256) as I
think my HD channels are up there...

3.  Did I fail to try something that would help me out?



I'm not to optimistic, but it doesn't hurt to ask....







I know with my Dvico HD card and Comcast I had to make sure I was
scanning Cable HRC high 

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