[mythtv-users] Gnome + MythTv + Beryl problem with full screen

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Thu Mar 22 10:26:06 UTC 2007

>  Oh, and this is in NO way, whatsoever, a Myth issue (so please stop all
> the me-too posts on #3109).

If I would be a GUI programmer I could say that, but since I'm not I
don't. But either MythTV or Beryl is doing wrong here. Those tricks
about reducing the panel size while minimized are just avoiding the
problem, not fixing it. I can hide the panel as well by pressing the
power button on my LCD, but that's neither the right way.

Somehow mythtv does not get set as a proper full screen window under
beryl. It instead stays as a normal window like Alex mentioned. Other
applications (e.g. firefox) do work just right in full screen mode, no
panels covering them.

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