[mythtv-users] Can't Tune 5500 from myth

Chris Costa ccosta at alumni.cmu.edu
Thu Mar 22 01:59:45 UTC 2007

I think users is the right forum for this message, but let me know if dev is
more appropiate.

I am having trouble getting myth to tune my hd-5500.  As a precursor, I have
verified that dtvsignal shows appropiate strength on channels I believe it
should have.  Additionally, using the getatsc program gives me a mpeg stream
I can play on the machine w/ sound.  So, I hope I have narrowed the gap is
inside myth at this point.

The last dtvsignal was on feq 48 (channel 4).

To start fresh, I dopped the mythconverg database and started over.  I also
have a hauppauge 500 card installed, but this time through I didn't even add
it to the setup.  I added the 5500 using the dvb 3.x driver (not the v4l
5500) and it recogized it was in slot dvb 0.  I disable "free to air" and
start a scan in input connections.  Every channel frequency finds channels
4.1, 4.2 with the appropiate callsign!  Well, it still figures it out and I
stop the scan.  I use dtvsignal to move to freq 39 (channel 7) and re-scan.
Now it adds 7.1,7.2 to my list with the appropiate callsign (at every

Now I start up the frontend.  Waqtching tv I can view 7.1, 7.2 really well,
HD well in fact (at least 7.1 which is the hd channel).  But attempting to
go to 4.1 results in "no lock".  Going back to 7 give me a great demod

If I shutdown the front & back - use dtvsignal to retune to freq 48 (channel
4) and restart it all up - now I can see channel 4.1, 4.2 really well, but
no lock on 7.1, 7.2.

There are a few odd things I see looking at dmesg and verbose logs.  Every
once in a while I see one of these fly in dmesg:
Mar 21 21:27:21 oak kernel: lgdt330x: lgdt330x_set_parameters: Modulation

Tracing this down, it looks like the Modulation might be trying to be set as
QPSK - (a rough look at /usr/include/linux/dvb/frontend.h and/or
libmythtv/dvbtypes.h), but I can't find a direct corrleation.  It happens
twice - on startup when it preset to 4.1 (wasn't "tuned") and when I try to
change back to 4.1, although the myth logs show success:

2007-03-21 21:28:55.570 DVBChan(0) Warning: Symbol Rate setting (0) is out
of range (min/max:5056941/10762000)
2007-03-21 21:28:55.570 DVBChan(0): Frequency: 677000000 Modulation: QPSK
2007-03-21 21:28:55.570 DVBChan(0): Old Params: Frequency: 623000000
Modulation: QPSK
            DVBChan(0): New Params: Frequency: 677000000 Modulation: QPSK
2007-03-21 21:28:55.570 DVBChan(0): Tune(): Tuning to 677000000Hz
2007-03-21 21:28:55.572 dvbchannel.cpp:wait_for_backend: Status:
Signal,Carrier,FEC Stable,Sync,Lock,
2007-03-21 21:28:55.572 DVBChan(0): Tune(): Frequency tuning successful.
2007-03-21 21:28:55.572 DVBChan(0): SetChannelByString(4.1): Tuned to

What is going on?  Any help appreciated.  I have the verbose log in its
entirety if anyone needs more detail.
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