[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause/CPU speed or memory issue; ATI remotes

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Wed Mar 21 23:32:08 UTC 2007

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> memory issue; ATI remotes
> Ah, got it.  Who knows where the USB dongle is...the remote's 
> been in that
> drawer for ages.  And even if I found it, I know LIRC is pretty spotty
> about  USB/RF remotes.

Err, I've got a ATI Remote Wonder II and LIRC support is spot on.
> I'll keep working on getting the remote that came with the case to
> work...weird, though, there are certain buttons, like "Vol+" 
> and "Vol-",
> that don't work right even though there are valid codes in 
> lircd.conf and
> mappings in .lircrc (in this case, despite the fact that I have them
> mapped to "[" and "]", pressing the keys results in "<-" and 
> "->", so the
> recording skips back or forward instead of changing the volume).

Check your lircd.conf and verify that you don't have duplicate keys, ie.
Keys that generate the same keycodes.  A lot of those cheap remotes will
generate the same keycodes for more than one key.  For example, the one that
came with my tuner card: Left/Vol-, Right,Vol+, Up/Ch+, Down/Ch-, there are
more but those ones I'm sure of. 

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