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Wed Mar 21 20:29:28 UTC 2007

> Wow, this user group is impressive!  Keep the suggestions coming if you
> have
> any more!
> I like the idea of having a separate backend box, but I'm concerned about
> the increase in cost.  I've never used MythTV, so maybe I should just have
> it all on one system (in case for some reason I don't like it, which I
> doubt), and then, if it's too loud or I need more space, I could expand to
> have a backend too?
> What all would be involved with having a backend?  How does that connect
> to
> the front end?  Anybody have any specs of their own?

Home network. This could be wired or wireless.

Think of the backend as a fileserver. If you can have centralized
file storage given your current home setup then it's not a far
stretch to have a network of MythTV boxes.

My house is wired. This skews my perspective a bit.

All of my MythTV drives are shared on the network so that anyone
in the house can see them. I have NFS shares for the Linux boxes
and SMB shares for the Windows boxes.

The frontends mount those shares as if they were local disks and
uses them as such. The frontends access the mysql and mythtv itself
as another network service.

> Thanks!
> On 3/21/07, jedi at mishnet.org <jedi at mishnet.org> wrote:
>> > On Wednesday 21 March 2007 12:29, Jon Sustar wrote:
>> >> > What types of broadcasts do you want to record, HiDef or Standard
>> TV.
>> >>
>> >> Standard TV
>> >
>> > If you use tuners that do MPEG-2 (or MPEG-4, but that's rarer)
>> encoding
>> in
>> > hardware, the CPU and disk space requirements for this will be low
>> > compared
>> > to what you'd need for HD content. You could probably get by with a
>> > ~600MHz
>>    True. However if you want to transcode this into something smaller
>> then any CPU horsepower you throw into the whole system will go to good
>> use. Also keep in mind that any Linux box on the home network can be a
>> transcoding slave (much like SETI @ home).
>>    If you can tolerate the divx compression artifacts you can get a 4:1
>> increase in your effective storage. So, even an Athlon 64 X2 might pay
>> for itself in terms of effective disk capacity.
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